The Bay Roc welcomes Phil Miller as On-Site Manager.

We are excited to welcome Phil Miller as the new property manager of the Bay Roc Apartments.  He has been working in property management for several years for mid-sized properties in the Portland area and is moving into The Bay Roc.  Phil will be responsible for a wide variety functions and his expertise lies in leasing and management efficiency.  He is committed to providing a sense of community, organization, and consistency and is proud to call Lake Oswego and The Bay Roc Apartments home.

He  is available during  office hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 am until 5 pm), by phone, e-mail, or  by special appointment. Stop by and visit!

The office number  is 503-636-2668 and for resident maintenance emergencies 971-678-9279.

A Studio becoming Available

Studios at the Bay Roc just don’t come up that often–better check it out before it’s gone! Unit will be completely remodeled featuring all new carpet, counters, paint, assigned parking space, private covered terrace with the same creek view as the 1 and 2 bedroom units, 2nd floor, sorry no pets in studios!

Landscape Renovation of rear yard is underway!

The Parks crew has been working hard to clean up dead Ivy and debris remaining from their successful treatment of invasive species. This should be completed by May 14th.

Once debris and dead Ivy are removed Bay Roc Apartments and the City will assess plantable areas within slope and existing rockeries. Slopes, rock openings and ledges will be planted as a sloped rock garden with ferns and other woodland natives. The border will be planted with azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, hydrangeas, and woodland ornamentals. Existing lawn areas and the flatter areas will be expanded and maintained as shade tolerant turf .

Thank you to all the residents for any inconvenience. While we undergo this renovation the rear garden will need to remain closed as the area will not be usable until it is complete. We are hoping that all work will be done by mid-to late June.

We continue to improve and renovate the “new” Bay Roc Apartments inside and out. Having recently completed a re-imaging of the front yard, parking areas and signage our attention is now on creating a native woodland rock garden view for all 49 units to enjoy.

Rear Yard Ivy Removal and Slope Remediation Plans

We wanted to respond to our residents who have expressed concerns about the Ivy and other plant removal that has occurred on the Bay Roc property along the rear yard slope.

After some research it has been determined that the City of Lake Oswego is responsible for this activity as part of an Ivy eradication program in mid-February. The City was not aware of whose property they were on and did not have permission from the legal owners of Bay Roc nor other owners. The City states that they accept responsibility and that they will correct the problem. Bay Roc owners and Managers are following up with appropriate City Officials in an effort to create a suitable plan to remediate the slope with new native landscaping.

We are hopeful that new native slope plantings along with additional appropriate erosion control measures will ultimately further enhance the resident’s views and livability. While the Ivy was certainly leafy and green and did a good job of erosion control, native plantings should be even more attractive and contribute to a more naturalized balanced habitat and ecosystem.

Thank you again to the Bay Roc Apartments residents for taking notice of your environment. We hope to improve and naturalize this slope as soon as possible.

Existing Tenants Year end Lease Renewals — Lock in your current lease rate before rents increase!

It is hard to believe the holidays are here and you will soon be thinking of a lease renewal. As such, we are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of an early lease renewal. We would like to offer you a new 12 month lease term at your current rate. The early lease renewal keeps your rate below the 2013 market rate which are being raised by $25 to $50. In order to take advantage of this 2012 rate we need to receive your rental agreement signed and returned to our office no later than December 5th, 2012. If it would be more convenient for you this paperwork can be turned into your resident manager Margie Flanagan in the mail slot at the Bay Roc office.

New Signs and a new image for The Bay Roc

Three new signs will replace the metal signs and temporary banners at the Bay Roc this month. The window sign at the central entry marquis features the website , our new phone number 1-855-5BAYROC, and a QR Scan for those of you with smart phones!. A planter is being built in front of the central window which will be planted with seasonal annuals. The building now has a “front door”!

The other two signs will be anchoring the lawn areas on the western and eastern gateways of the property. These incidental signs are built of board battered concrete in the same technique as utilized by the architect for the original construction of the buildings end walls. Boulders and mounding will be incorporated into these two walls to blend the walls into the landscape.

Small BAY ROC letters will be placed on both of these walls as well as on the building canopy. The lettering style as was originally designed for the BAY ROC in 1962 a modified Gil Sans font has been replicated in all sign letters to be historically authentic.

This will culminate a busy year of remodeling and re-imaging the Bay Roc which included new parking lots, landscaping, fencing, trash enclosures, roofing, and plumbing upgrades. MAny of the interiors have also been remodeled with new flooring, fixtures, electrical, and paint.

The Bay Roc is 50 years old yet looks as good as it did it did when it was new!

New Laundry Machines are coming to The Bay Roc Apartments!

Yes the rumor is true–new “smart” laundry machines are coming to the Bay Roc that will accept credit and debit cards. You will still be able to use conventional coins but have the convenience of not having to–No more searching for quarters. The machines will be connected to the internet and can even be programmed to text or e-mail you when a machine is available or when your load is complete. No more hauling laundry and waiting for machines. Also the dryer ducts will be completely redone with individual ducting for each dryer making them that much more efficient and clean.

Look for the LG machines in early November.